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Asking For A Ride - 12" Vinyl LP

Asking For A Ride - 12" Vinyl LP

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You’re probably used to this by now... but the backup on vinyl is really crazy right at the moment, so we will be putting these LPs on sale as soon we have a firm ship date. Thank you for your patience. Enter your email above if you'd like to be the first to know once they are available!


Guided by the ethos that their songs are meant to be immediate and timeless, White Reaper went to Nashville where they wrote and largely self-produced their fourth full-length LP, Asking for a Ride, with the help of friend and engineer Jeremy Ferguson. This time around, they directly channeled the energy of their live show in order to replicate that connection in the songs. On Asking for a Ride, you’ll get the band’s signature chrome-plated riffs, mixed with thrash, stadium-made choruses, and blissful acoustic comedowns. This is five dudes churning out bangers like their lives depend on it.

  1. Asking for a Ride
  2. Bozo
  3. Fog Machine
  4. Getting into Trouble w/ the Boss
  5. Funny Farm
  6. Pink Slip
  7. Heaven or Not
  8. Crawlspace
  9. Thorn
  10. Pages


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